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ALL women, who are these women?

So many women have just destroyed their faces with this stuff, it's hard to watch. Some of them have made permanent changes before they're even old enough to know what their adult face will look like. I don't get it.

Recall Melanie Griffith before she had plastic surgery? She was adorable. Or Meg Ryan, Daryl Hannah? Oh, Mary-Louise Parker! She was so naturally pretty and she was aging well, why did she mess up her face? She made herself look older than she is with plastic surgery! Courtney Cox and Demi Moore, they were smokin' hot for their age. Kate Hudson (so young) and Julianne Moore have started screwing with their faces. Nicole Kidman, remember her with that wild curly hair?

Even Michelle Pfeiffer... she had a sultry, ethereal beauty, why?!?! In her early 50's she was a knockout next to many 20-somethings. I don't understand it.
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I think they should be cast in molten lava... Would be a huge leap forwards from ending up as a statue in a wax museum.

Some of them are casted in new things and some arent. Honestly it's part of that world.

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