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Serve it with chitlins and gravy, you racist turd.

Eat the pie, and forget the guilt. hehe smiliehehe smilie

You could go for double or nothing! ...
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Could get rid of the shame, but also could double it.

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great points!

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Wouldn't converting to democrat just make it worse?

I'd have to build a safe place using materials created by nature, such as stone and wood. It would need to be heated using fossil fuels and cooled using electricity created by evil coal burning Nazi corporations who employ blue collar men who don't want the unborn murdered.

Do you know how much air pollution is created by fires burned during drum circles? Do you know what the drumheads are made of at these drum circles? That's right LEATHER.

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I can't agree that liberals live shame free. They created white guilt. Conservatives created the "Hey, get over it! Nobody alive today was a slave or owned slaves."

Liberals live in a land where they have their own imaginary portable wailing wall.