Kid shows need more adult humor to keep the parents sane, amirite?

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Indeed they do


Lil_Princesss avatar Lil_Princess Yeah You Are +1Reply

I agree, they need to make cartoons that somehow are reasonable for adults to not lose their minds watching.

Also I'll give a shout out to one show that I was very surprised I enjoyed almost as much as a child I baby sat.

Pocoyo (Spanish for "little me")...

Mostly white or very simple open backgrounds so I thought is would be too simple and boring but no... they do an amazing job of using that nothing background to pull more character out of their charters because they can do a simple gesture or motions and it stands out like crazy with no background. .. where if the same simple actions was done in SpongeBob, no one would notice because there is WA ASAP too much going on for something small to be noticed.

But a simple stance and glare at the TV aduience can have the kids laughing
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Zolfies avatar Zolfie Yeah You Are +1Reply

Yes, especially since a lot of adult have to take the kids to see the movies.

They do that in Russia. I call it "the Little Red Hen effect," as the adults put in something for themselves for producing the shows. However, well-informed kids will see right through the producers' intentions.

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