In your mind, what are your 3 biggest weaknesses?

Be honest, please.

Image for post In your mind, what are your 3 biggest weaknesses?
85% They are... 15% I don't want to answer it 0% Other
Sofias avatar Life
9 35


Sofias avatar Sofia They are... +9Reply

Too sensitive, impatient, emotional!

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Me, stubborn? Not me. You're the one that is stubborn. lol

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Rock and Roll

@VicZinc Sex Drugs Rock and Roll

Better than John, John and John...

Lacking the sense of purpose and ironically thinking too much, but not thinking often enough.

Achilles' heel
Cutting my hair

Insecure (shy)

@Balou Stubborn Moody Insecure (shy)

I don't buy the insecure bit.

Sukiesnows avatar Sukiesnow They are... +3Reply
@Balou In real life I can be...

We all have a different threshold.

Sukiesnows avatar Sukiesnow They are... +1Reply

Emotions can be a bit more extreme than I'd like.

It'd be nice to trust myself more than I do.

When it comes to people I find myself being easily attached, yet also easily detached. I struggle to find the middle ground.

KvotheSaviens avatar KvotheSavien They are... +5Reply

They are: procrastination, impatience (which works well with procrastination - NOT) and....and - I'll get back to you on that last one.

Sukiesnows avatar Sukiesnow They are... +5Reply

I often lack the willpower or self discipline to get my stuff done and I often suffer because of it ( put Einstein's definition of insanity here)
as well as being too naive in the past.

@Sukiesnow A naïve perv?

Hmm no, that would imply that I'm openly perverted in general, the anonymity and mysteriousness of the user name and animated avatar do give me some confidence to be more open about it I guess. But believe me in real life I'm pretty stern. Otherwise everyone is a pervert, the matter is just who's brave enough to show it publicly.

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I remember in my teens, up till probably around my mid-twenties(ish) I'd get horny after a few of joints. Does that work (or has it ever worked) that way for yourself Tiff? 乂º◡º乂

Adas avatar Ada They are... +3Reply

In this exact order my top three weaknesses are:
[1] Drinking too much!
[2] Drinking too much!
[3] Drinking too much!

Adas avatar Ada They are... +3Reply

Different every day, today it was not enough oxygen in my system. Other days it is laziness. Another day it could be lack of m knowledge (especially when it comes to putting tools and instructions for them.

no tolerance for racists

no tolerance for stupid people

I love shooting critters for no particular reason

I am way over sensitive.

I am a horrible self critic...Some would slap me if they knew the things I thought bout myself sometimes.

Show my emotions easily. Most people know right away when I am happy or sad.


Lil_Princesss avatar Lil_Princess They are... +1Reply

Not sure how I could describe it, but I think the list below is a good start.

  • Overly anxious - Maybe this is by far the worst one. If I were to list other possible weaknesses, most of them are probably derived ultimately from a tendency to feel anxious. It can be both a gift and a curse. It's a curse when it stops me from getting things done. It's a gift when it pushes me toward getting things done. :P

  • Tendency to be shy and overly reserved.

  • A bit too sensitive / emotional sometimes.

  • Insecure - I could probably lump this one with "anxious".

  • I can be self-absorbed.

  • When asked to list 3 weaknesses, I list 6. biggrin smilie

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