How Liberal minds are controlled to cognitively miss truths that don't conform to liberalism

Stunning study reveals why intolerant university Leftists cannot see reality: They have been TRAINED to cognitively miss details that don’t conform to liberalism
June 05, 2017
by: Ethan Huff

(Natural News) The chilling rise of neo-Marxist extremism across America is evident in everything from violent street protests against “hate speech” to hostile takeovers of college campuses by feral radicals demanding “equality.” This new-breed fascist element increasingly demands that anything it doesn’t like should be silenced with aggressive force. But if you read between the lines of a new study published in the journal Cognitive Science, such madness is merely the fetid and inevitable consequence of mass cultural brainwashing.

For their study, researchers from Kyoto University in Japan examined how individuals perceive the world around them, discovering that personal experiences differ widely depending on how a person is raised or what he experiences throughout his life. Cultural variances tend to color the lens of human understanding quite differently for each individual person, in other words – what one person is exposed to throughout his developmental years compared to another will uniquely shape the way that both of them view reality as they enter into adulthood.