Are the actors, comedians and authors on here really who they say they are? Just curious.

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I am who I am. I am the same silly backwards country girl that ya see online when I am offline. Well I do say a lot more bad words offline hehe smilie


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I'm a published author, but I'm still missing the point of this question.

@LiVi Oh really? That's awesome! I would love to be an author too

It's awesome for the first five minutes. Four years later, you realize that you've sold about a dozen copies and begin to blame wizards and warthogs for your misfortunes as a writer.

I'm actually Ellen Page, yeah the cats out of the bag, Cant speak for others though

No idea...I haven't seen any..

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What if one of us suddenly gets famous and says something worthy of quoting, before publishing his or her own quote in FT? That's the horrifying loophole here!


Oh ok! It's a bit confusing!

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