Is complaining about your country a part of the Western Way of Life?? Or is complaining a result of...what?

People seem to complain a lot...if it's not politics it's more politics... otherwise the cost of living...or the price of people do that...thinking that the more they complain the more it may change?

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It's one of our many ways that we want to make our place better. WE disagree on how to do so but sometimes we idolize people so much that we turn a blind eye to their misdeeds and that is dangerous. Worship an idea not a person, the idea will change our country for the better, the person can go one way or another.

It's called freedom of speech. Which all Americans hold dear.

I think complaining is part of human nature... or at least 1st world human nature... but I assume that it is true for all classes.

Complaining won't change a darn thing but sometimes people just need to vent. Nothing good comes from holding stuff in


Carrying on about politics will change does..

When you feel the need to argue about politics, do it with a stop sign.
In the end, you'll get the same results as arguing with another person.
It doesn't bother me, so I don't even need to do that..

A persons vote is the only thing that makes a difference..

All the bitching and complaining in the world...will change nothing..
That's right, sorry to tell you that..Nothing...well maybe your blood pressure.

Complaining is a result of drama...

I complained about a president I didn't like and guess what, he was elected for a second term..

So when the three headed monster you didn't vote for, and you're completely sure, will never in a million years get elected a second term... does..

Then maybe that'll make you rethink about what arguing, bitching and complaining...really achieved for you..

Vote and forget about it...Unless you just need drama, then carry on..

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I never watch news on tv...

Some people think they have to watch that every day..
I couldn't care less..

My tv usually stays on the weather channel, more than anything else.
Most of the time i'm not watching it anyway smile smilie

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