11 Points of Hypocrisy in today's America

1. Put a decapitated Hillary head on your lawn it's free speech, draw a decapitated Trump head it's TREASON!!!!11

2. If a business fires someone for saying the N word or Gay is sin they are oppressive products of the PC SJW Liberal Media. If a business throws gays out for being who they are it's Freedom of private business!

3. Kill a black child for looking "threatening" and it's self defense. Kill a cluster of cells in a uterus and it's BABY KILLING!!

4. Islamic Laws in government are HORRIBLE!!!! Christian Laws in government are patriotic!!

5. If a woman accuses a man of rape: We need more evidence, she's probably lying to get back at him. If a man acuses a woman of rape: LISTEN TO HIM!!! SOCIETY OPPRESSES MALE RAPE VICTIMS!!!

6. Loving lesbians getting married= EVIL!!! Wife beater forcing his wife to stay is holy matrimony

7. Divorce is the breakdown of family values....unless it involves someone I agree with!

8. Well written movies starring female action heroes are just products of feminazis. Boneheaded brainless shoot em ups starring men are classics of cinema.

9. China is horrible for having no environmental regulation....so we shouldn't even bother having any. After all being like China is our goal!

10. Free speech is awesome....unless the media paints you in a negative light...then its "fake noooze (tm)"

11. "I'm not a feminist I'm an egalitarian I'm for everyone being equal....but women should not play sports, they're too frail. also female cops put lives in danger with their feeble minds and weak limbs"