There is more to every story than we can ever know.

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Exactly. Some think they know it all but really have no clue


Which makes 99.5% of arguments a waste of time..

An infinity of the unknown.

Nobody knows everything about anything. However, that's a poor reason to stop trying to understand.

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I suspected you think this way.

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"That" can be used to refer to a specific thing previously mentioned, known, or understood. as in "I agree with that."

It can be used to identify a specific person or thing observed or heard by the speaker. Like, "that makes sense to me based on our previous discussions."

It can also be used to mean 'to such a degree' as in - "I never expected you to go that far."

Occasionally "that" can be used as a conjunction for introducing a subordinate clause expressing a statement or hypothesis, as in "he said that he suspected you think that way."

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thank you

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No offence intended Plat. I just figured, based on our previous conversations that you would respond with a counter example and no vote.

It's not a put down, it's an indication of familiarity.


The man could teach a college grammar class. He reminds me of my old professor; Dr. Albrecht at Alfred State.