Peers' pressure Peers ‘pressure is most common in teenagers. Mainly it is when teens change their way of life just to fit in. They would change their interests, the way they would talk and behave, even the way dress just to be friends with the popular ones. Peers’ pressure is really common, some teenagers are going through it and they don’t even know. It is really influential. It changes who you actually are. You become the shadows of your so called friends. You do not share your own opinion, because you don’t have any. Your opinion is based on what your friends think. You do not have the right to think something else, dress in the way you like, because if you do you are the weirdos and the freaks. You are not part of society, you are invisible, you are nothing…. Well that’s not true. If you like wearing black clothes you should wear black clothes. If you like having your hair in a ponytail, you can have it in a ponytail. If you don’t want to go break into an old house you don’t have to. Because that’s who you are and no one can change you. You should not change your personality, just because someone doesn’t like it. What you should do is stand up and be proud of it. You have attitude you should use it. Don’t hide who you really are just because the popular ones doesn’t like you. Find friends which will accept you for the way you are. If there is no one in your school start training some sports or join a school group. Get to know the people, so they will get to know you. They will see you for the person you are. Stand up and show your real personality. Be the person you are meant to be and not someone else’s shadow. Be proud of who u are and don’t let anyone change you! You were born unique so don’t die a copy. How can you deal with it? When your friend tells you to do something you don’t want to do ask them why. Why are they doing it? Is there a reason, or are they just trying to be cool? Make them think what the consequences are. Don’t be afraid to state your opinion. Tell them what you think about it, don’t be a coward, because then you will need to pay for your decisions. Tell them that you are not doing it and that’s it, if they insist too much you can just leave. Find a buddy who has the same opinion as you, two is always better than one. Speak up for yourself, don’t back down, if they want to do those things, they can go and do them, you don’t have to go with them. You should not let other people change who you are. If they don’t like you for who you are and they make you do stupid things, then they are not worth it. Find different friends which will like you for the person you are. If not in school, join some out school activity, like hiking or some other sport, art club or anything you might like. Be yourself because that's what matters.