You like sexy heels, amirite?

Image for post You like sexy heels, amirite?
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I prefer flats.

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Me either...let them walk a day in them

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I have some for special occasions that are pretty but otherwise I prefer not to wear them.


Honestly I've never understood them either until I had a very attractive professor (beauty and brains) who you could hear walking towards class and walk around in class.

But the effects quickly went away after I didn't have her classes anymore...

Though I've seen learned... I guess that they make a person butt stick out more, simply because the walk has to be different or something. .. and I did noticed the calf muscle get a better workout and look tight when heels are wore.

Heels don't do anything for me..l but legs and butts can.

Some are nice to look at. But to walk in them?
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Nope...I have a closet full of em and never wear them.

I like my sexy flip flops hehe smilie

Image in content so long as they are western lol

No. They're impractical and it's annoying hearing women complain about "having" to wear them. Also makes no sense that women want a tall guy, and then wear these things.