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Sin, singular, is the absence of spirit. Adam had a spirit but it died and so he was unable to bequeath a spirit to his offspring. That is why everybody is born in sin, not because Mommy and Daddy did the big nasty. That is why a savior had to die in our place and make it possible to create a new spirit for us.

Sins, plural, are mistakes, such as throwing a dart and missing the bullseye. Christians are baptised into Christ's death, and dead bodies don't sin, so sins are not an issue for Christians. There is no more forgiveness. Either you believe in Jesus and are saved or you don't believe and are lost.

@Sukiesnow I think I know what you're saying...but to an open mind it sounds far-fetched...indeed...

People with an open mind are not a problem. The problem is people who heard some baloney from some random preacher and think they know something.

In the 19th century Americans started moving west and three institutions went with them. There was vaudeville, traveling entertainment. There was lyceum, traveling education and culture. And there was the itinerant preacher, offering a new style of preaching called "hell fire and brim stone".

It was very entertaining, only loosely based on scripture, and pastors didn't even try to compete. Instead they switched to preaching public morality and philosophy. Eventually an entire generation grew up not knowing the first thing about the religion they claimed to believe.

That is why most Christian churches don't teach doctrines, and most members don't know what they are supposed to believe.

2 Timothy 4:
3 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; 4 And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.

Darn, I was going to point that out, Jaxxi, but you beat me to it1

Wait, is my saying "Darn" a sin because it could be considered a form of swearing?

I think it was originally the word for 'Fun'.

@AliceD I think it was originally the word for 'Fun'.

Or, originally the word for 'sin' was the word 'fun' and it just got all a bit lost in translation.

Yes, that is what I think I may have been on about?

Sin is a catch-all term for actions that lead to suffering. Who came up with concept of sin? In what regard? Actions have always had consequences, who first realized that? God knows.

The apple was for Jews honey....

@Sukiesnow You mean Adam and Eve are Jewish?

That depends on your definition of Jewish. Jews obviously claim lineage to Adam and Eve, but I believe religious Jews see their defining quality as keeping Moses' covenant with God. And that covenant didn't happen until well after Adam and Eve.

@Sukiesnow You mean Adam and Eve are Jewish?

Yeah, isnt everyone in the Old Testament Jewish unless it states otherwise?We are Gentiles I believe.