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Loool xD

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hehe smilie I'm thinking this is fake but that's funny still biggrin smilie

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Looks just like a rocket!

going to be a miserable 4 years if you liberals keep this IDIOCY up

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watch, liberals nazis will hold america at gun point and force their own selected dictator to be the new leader

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what makes no sense?

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well, nazi stands for national socialist party, and we all know which side socialism is, and it ain't the right. school spoon fed you lies on that one.

yes Hitler and his nazi crew had guns, you think they rounded up people who opposed their views with sticks? and as we have seen recently, a liberal lunatic who claimed to be anti gun, picked up a gun a gun and shot up a bunch of people, he was a bernie supporting psychopath, but i bet you will find a way to blame conservatives for it?

have you seen liberals? anyone who disagrees gets violently attacked by the left. either by words, media or actual force, the violence happening today are coming from sore loser "antifa" who are destroying buildings, assaulting anyone who disagrees with them, etc.
also look at what the left are trying to do to trump, they are trying to force him out using lies and undemocratic tactics, its disgusting, liberals are literally trying to squish any opposition and hold supreme power just like the nazi's

NOT the conservative way, this is very much the LIBERAL way