art is amazing, amirite?

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It is. I envy those who can create it.

Love this
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The Haywain-Constable

When I was in college, one of my chums, an architecture student, persuaded the school to pay for a foucault pendulum. It was a nice project, concrete floor, brick wall, laminated wood beams, ... but some small mistake prevented finishing the project. Then it rained and a puddle of water formed.

I spent my last $1.19 to buy two goldfish which I released in the water. I was destitute in those days, but it was such a neat joke that I had to shell out the money to do it. Anybody who came after would look at those goldfish and wonder "Why on earth would anybody spend his own money to do that?"

So there you have an expression of true art.

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There is such amazing street art out there, I think it's sad that it only lasts a few days. Wouldn't it be cool if they did it permanently on the floors of museums, malls, office buildings, or other places people could go?

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She isn't a fella...

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Yes Art can be very amazing. I love going to art museums. My favorite is the Indianapolis Children's Art Museum. I am probably the biggest kid in there when I go.


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Some not all. So much crap passed as art nowadays. In my city. Or idiot mayor spend 1 million dollars of tax payer money to have a blue ring made as a latter light post and our mayor calls that art. I can it a massive waste of taxpayer money

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@Anonymousmouse Some not all. So much crap passed as art nowadays. In my city. Or idiot mayor spend 1 million dollars of tax payer...

I agree, from what I've seen the government should have absolutely zero part in art... as it can be a huge waste of money.

The FBI paid over a million dollars for a SINGLE piece of art, (a very large natural wood art piece that was custom cut for their building stairway), //which put a number of //their employees in the hospital due to highly allergenic reactions to the natural wood.


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