Miracle calf in India born with "human" face!

I mean no disrespect for folks that hold cows as sacred - but this is weird.

Holy cow! A calf in Uttar Pradesh, India was born with a human face, leading some people to worship it as an incarnation of the god Vishnu. Unfortunately, the animal died an hour after birth. From India.com:

Unfortunately, the deformed calf could not survive and died in an hour, but that did not stop the locals from celebrating the birth of the cow with a human face, which they believe is an incarnation of God. They believe the dead calf is the ‘Gokaran’, 24 incarnations of Lord Vishnu. In fact, the religious believers now plan to build a temple for him.

Raja Bhaiya Mishra, 55, the manager of the cow shelter (where the animal was born), was quoted saying, ‘It’s a miracle that the calf was born in this shelter. Thousands of people have been here to see it. We will be cremating him in three days, and a temple will be built for him. This avatar has most definitely created a devotion feeling amongst the people.’

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And oh by the way - the face on this cow - does that look human to you?

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I don't think so, but maybe the cows Daddy?

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Well, to be fair, they only said the face looks human.
I guess I'd like to see a photo of the guy that said that!

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Will, someone HAD to say it! I'm damn proud it was you!

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Totally distasteful!
I hadn't thought of the race thing though. I was thinking more that it's disgusting.


On the Amish Mafia show, they did mention some people like sheep... a little too much.

Yeah, that just looks like some deformed cow with a disease... that or someone took worshiping cows a little too far.

So, when they get one of these, they roast them?

Kind of suspicious that those flowers or whatever, go right across where the head and body meet..

I've seen better fakes at the carnival..

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Someone loved their cow a little too much