To all our Amirite fathers, have a very Happy Father's Day. Relax and enjoy whatever your plans are

Hope you all have a great day. Relax, do whatever you want to do, even if it's just loafing. Enjoy!

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You're welcome, hope it cools down so you and your son can golf.

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That's true, and the Fall is the best time to golf.

@VicZinc Thanks

You're very welcome, hope you have an enjoyable day.

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That's great. Hope he has a great day.

Oh, Father's day is in June in the USA? I had no clue.

Congrats, guys. Love to the family l smilie

What about future fathers? tongue smilie

Yes happy fathers day to all the dads. Like starz said.....do you.

Happy Father's Day! ... Make sure all the fathers are very happy biggrin smilie!