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You should know by now that the system is corrupt and has been so for a long time. Ask yourself this then, if someone genuinely good got in and started working for the benefit of the public, do you think the system would love that person or hate them? Would the system support them or attack them?

Remember when Obama said something true? .....

Me neither.

No, they never did. They were never embroiled in a scandal like this administration is in now. Trump is hiring defense lawyers, and so is VP Pence. Trump is getting very nervous now that they are closing in on him. It won't be long now and he knows it. Image in content

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I guess it's true, it's been on all the news channels. They all must have something to hide.

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lol Doesn't look too good does it? lol

they didn;t have a batshit crazy oposition who are hellbent on frabricating bullshit to destroy them either

They didn't have members of congress calling for their impeachment within hours of the election; they didn't have a prior administration working behind the scenes trying to set them up for failure; they didn't have an opposing party, media and 'Dark State' working to bring them down with what now appears to be FALSE allegations of collusion with foreign governments.