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They tried a couple of years ago, but I have something on my Windows 7 that blocks them from automatically forcing me into 10. I just hope it works.

@StarzAbove They tried a couple of years ago, but I have something on my Windows 7 that blocks them from automatically forcing...

Yeah. I had that too. This is the site that told their followers to avoid downloading Win10 when it first came out. And u$oft is the one that twisted arms among computer manufacturers to wire in a root kit to disable loading any non-u$oft operating system.

Just not shocking any more. They strong arm upgrading all the time.
And if it's not them, it's software manufacturers, and browsers, and internet website capability expansion, and malware threats - and on and on.

We pay dearly for the computer industry in many ways, every day. Even or national politics and security are threatened by the Internet and computers.

They can't force me and I will delete it if it gets on my pc. Seven was a hard enough change and forced me to buy new things. Never again.

all seem to do that, at least apple doesn;t charge for updates

I'm running Windows 7 on a virtual machine. Automatic updates are off. I am one happy penguin fucker.

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I have several big problems with Linux.

1. If you replace certain things, such as a monitor with a different resolution, the system is dead. There is no way to install a new driver except to reinstall the system.

2. If you have to reinstall the system, it might take days to download and install all the updates. My system got up to 24 hours for reinstallation and that is when I gave up and installed Windows XP.

3. You can't get technical advice. People only offer pity because you are "not a nuts and bolts type of person." It took me a year and a half to find out how to install Java after I had downloaded it.

4. If you find somebody who doesn't mind giving technical advice, they assume you are as good at the business as they are, and when you confess that you never understood the directory system, they don't want to talk to you any more. They might say things like "If you don't know that then whyinell did you install Linux?"

5. People who know something about Linux can't explain where they learned it.

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I installed Ubuntu about twelve years ago, after giving up on several other versions. I was using Mint when the monitor thing happened. I downloaded instructions on installing a new video driver. It had 39 pages. The first step specified an instruction that did not exist in the system. It had been replaced by an instruction that also did not exist.

it already updated me