What’s the weirdest thing you’ve done in public?

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I helped an unconscious (i thought drunk at the time) girl on a railway platform onto a train. The train had stopped and everyone was looking and waiting, I tried to carry her then realised how heavy she was, and just as I got to the train door, my legs gave way and fell to my knees, so I had to drag her the rest of the way and put her in the seat, and she lost her shoes so I had to run back and get them before the train left.

A magic trick, involving my naked butt.

When I was about 22, I was visiting Lansing, MI. I sat down in the Governor's chair and started making a little speech to my cousins .... just as a tour group arrived. Made a hasty exit and never looked back. smirk2 smilie

Pretty sure the list is shorter on what weird things I haven't ever done in public. hehe smilie

Ok so one time I was at a flea market with my best friend where were looking at this one booth that had everything I was kinda looking for but no prices. So every time I found something I would ask the guy running the both how much...well he kept calling me "Sugar Lips"...It was "Well Sugar Lips this and that"....well I kinda lost my patience with it and finally grabbed him by the shirt collar and planted a big fat kiss on him and said "Does that taste like sugar...nope then stop calling me that"...Btw...I got the five items I wanted and never had to pay a dime...I think he was in shock hehe smilie


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hehe smiliehehe smiliehehe smilie

One day I took one of these quiz things on FB and it said the perfect nickname for me was "Cherry Lips"...ono smilie

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