Jeh Johnson testifies regarding the Russian interference in the 2016 election. Nothing he said was new. We've heard all of this before. In fact 17 intelligence agencies have made it very clear that Russia did interfere with the election, although not altering the vote.

His comments will only further the investigation into Trump's involvement with the Russians, and we will soon find out how really crooked Trump is.

Something needs to be done before the next election, because the Russians will be doing this again, and this time they might be against Trump. Then watch the Republicans holler and scream.

Jeh Johnson Testifies That Russia Interfered With Presidential ElectionThe former Homeland Security Secretary added that the meddling did not change any votes. CBS2's Andrea Grymes reports.
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I'm not disagreeing with Johnson. You are right, it's the same thing we've been hearing. I only question the 17 agencies you keep commenting on. In the hearings a couple weeks ago it was stated that there were only 3 agencies involved. 1. FBI, 2. CIA, 3. NSA. What are the other 14 agencies you keep talking about? :)

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Thanks Tiff, I thought I was hearing things. lol

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Thanks again. I didn't think all news casts were wrong, even Fox had reported it.


I'm not saying there are not 17 agencies. The CIA guy that was interviewed by the Senate stated several times that there were only 3 agencies involved in the investigation. So I guess somebody is not correct in their statements. That was my only point in this circus of crap.

Not breaking news....we've heard this for months.

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That's nothing new at all. We've all been saying that all along. They did hack into our election system, but no votes were altered. No one has ever doubted that. 17 Intelligence agencies have proved that beyond a doubt.

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Time will tell. And so will this investigation.

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