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Not having to wear heavy clothing or boots.

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You said it before I had a chance, although; I can't go buck-ass naked. I'm afraid a weasel will get after my business! Nothing but shorts and sandals.

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Really cool. I have about 700' of fishing stream on my land but it's a 15 minute drive from home.

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Yep! If the mosquitoes were taken out of the equation it would be close to utopia. Ha!

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Not too picky? Ha!

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It is the warmth and the lushness.

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Mostly the weather....

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Being able to go swimming without freezing.

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Summer, obviously.

Growing Vegtables is my favorite part of summer - bugs too much heat/humidity are not good. I hope I have time to spend at my camp this summer. It is beautiful there on the lake.

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All of the above, plus the long daylight hours, swimming, gardening, and golfing!!

for me its the weather AND VACATION cuz I still work, my bbq was knocked over by superstorm sandy, and I like warmth but not humidity so I really like that it means i can go to someplace nice like Cali or Disney world but of course i could do that any time of year but late aug is when everything is open yet crowds start to dwindle as kids go back to school

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Air conditioning...

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