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I usually never remember my dreams. Right now, i am desperately trying to quit smoking. Am doing pretty good. But, i am using chantix. The dreams!

Just last night, i was in a field with ponies. I was carrying a child on my back. The ponies were running, tossing their heads, general pony romping. I noticed that there was an elongated hole that the animals would surely break a leg in.

Well, as i was walking, still with an unknown blonde child riding piggyback, i crested a hill. When i did, there were 3 coyotes waiting, looked more like a short haired hyena without markings.
Anyway....i rolled on top of the kid and the coyotes munched on my leg.

That was almost the end. Somehow, my mind told me i had to go back and throw 3 fenceposts in that hole, because i was worried about the ponies.

Sooo, does that count?

I was back in the army in this dream living in the barracks that were also a prison. After a while, I knew that it was a dream but I panicked anyway. Then I decided that, knowing that I was dreaming, I could do anything. Then, everything became me having to fight against people who wanted to hurt me. I levitated above their heads and passed over them; I had to kick a few in the head to get away. Then my wife shows up in the middle of the chaos and we have sex. Dreams are insane.

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It feels like your dream is on a TV...and you are watching a TV show.

I haven't had a lucid dream for a long time, but I used to have them often when I was younger and could control what was going on to the point where when I was ready to wake up, I could make a cliff appear and I and I'd jump off it and i'd be awake before I hit the bottom.

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I almost always have some self awareness because i know when my dreams are getting to abstract i can kinda force them to mirror real life locations better. Like I know im dreaming sorta but I want it to be accurate like If I'm dreaming about a ride at disneyland I force it to look more like the ride and less like an abstraction of it. Last night I did that about the tower of terror ride, and the dinosaur ride at disney world. Sometimes I come up with cool endings to action sequences or things and push them in there. Other times I have like a plain old car and turn it into a cool winnebago or something with like gadgets and robot auto drivers

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