When will Trump stop lying and stop playing his stupid games? It's time he started acting like a president, then maybe people would respect him. But as of now no one believes a word he says, his credibility is shot!

Lie, after lie. I don't thing Trump knows the difference between a lie and the truth. He's an embarrassment to all of us.

Trump finally admits he did not record conversations with James ComeyThe president hinted that he might have tapes last month after he fired the former FBI director.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WneINJCAQDI
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You're exactly right, none of this would have happened if he had shown his tax returns months ago. But I think he does this stuff just for attention and to keep his name out there every day. But things are gonna turn on him when the investigation reveals what a liar and crook he really is and his ties with Putin will be revealed without a doubt. Already he's trying to muddy up Mueller, because he's afraid of what he will find. Most Republicans have said what a great person Mueller is, fair and honest and perfect for the job. But Trump knows nothing about being fair and honest.

More lies about his campaign promise never to touch Medicaid, and in the Senate health bill, they are cutting it drastically, and Trump is applauding it. If anyone still supports this guy after that, then they deserve what they get. He's a poor excuse for a president.

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Time will tell.

Unfortunately, some people are turning a blind eye...can you feel it?

@Sukiesnow Unfortunately, some people are turning a blind eye...can you feel it?

Yes they are, what a shame. I guess they are OK with his lies and his ruining our country. Pathetic.

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I think people do care, but they know if they say anything, Trump will diss them through his tweets....what wimps they are.

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If he would just shut up, do his job as president, maybe people would respect him, but it's been one lie after another.

We don't have to diss Trump, he is doing a good job of that all by himself with his tweets. hehe smilie

More people believe Comey than they do Trump, and that's making him very angry. lol

What? Trump lied?
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@Sofia What? Trump lied?

hehe smiliehehe smilie Hard to believe, isn't it? Every time his mouth opens, out comes a lie. He wouldn't know the truth if it bit him on his butt.

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