How old is too old to be tossed into prison?

Image for post **How old is //too// old to be tossed into prison?**
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No one is ever too old to be tossed into prison. If you can break the law, you can go to jail.

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18. But there's already juvie for problematic kids.

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A prison for elders? I could be okay with that, but it had to be a prison. It's one thing with kids, many of them are still learning or simply don't know better. But elders? Unless insanity/dementia is part of their actions, they belong in prison.

I used to know a guy in his 70's and he was, in the most polite way I can say, a monster. He was abusive and violent, and the only reason he wasn't beating or torturing anyone is because he was so sick he had no strength to do it. He liked to play the victim with his sickness, painting himself as a nice guy that didn't deserve to be in the state that he was. I say Karma was nice with him - if it was for me, he would have rotten behind bars.

This is not a black and white situation, there's many grey areas, but when it comes to murders, rapists, and abusers in general that got caught, I have a hard time having any heart. Being old does not mean they deserve a softer treatment. They gave up such benefits when they hurt others.

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Like you said, not the same thing by any stretch.


What about if someone is younger but somewhat disabled? Where should they go? I don't really know, myself...

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The world agrees with you there...

But if someone has a wooden leg or suffering from some chronic pain...I wonder what happens to them... I guess they would get a Drs. care, probably better than us...


I think, as a rule, most jails and prisons already do that for the elderly.

No real age limit for adults. If it's a violent crime and they are found to be mentally impaired, they at least need to be securely confined somewhere to prevent future offenses.

I don't think there should be an age limit. You do hear of people getting released because of illness sometimes. Should we assume you are referring to Cosby?

@Will_Janitor I don't think there should be an age limit. You do hear of people getting released because of illness sometimes...

Yes...and also others...I wonder how much they take that into consideration... Cosby wasn't a terrorist or serial much should he pay for his sins?

When I'm around ppl - like this past w/e - I have to catch myself from questioning ppl too intensely. :)

If they break the law, age shouldn't matter.

If tossing you would break your hip, then your too old to be tossed but placed in prison is still an option. ;)

The day after you die. There should be no age limit on being held accountable for your actions.

Methuselah or Nosferatu - I think I'd skip the sentencing with both of them.

217 years old.

If someone is 80 or 90 and they commit and act such as murder then their sorry ass needs to go to jail...there should never be an age limit on prison whether they are young or old.


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