Should a brilliant lad enter college at a very young age (14)? What say you...

Image for post **Should a brilliant lad enter college at a very young age (14)?** //What say you...//
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SURE,why not....that kid is going to get some college puntang and become a hero to his friends

the way uni's have gone, keep your 14 year old's mind innocent as long as possible, avoid liberal BS indoctrination,

If he's got the brains then sure. Might need some one with them, but he might learn more sooner as brains don't learn as well after a certain age I believe late teens).

If his or her life is ballanced with social interaction with kids their own ages, I don't see it as a problem. If it's not ballanced, I see it as robbing a kid of his childhood, which is important in social development.

Why not? If someone has the opportunity to better themselves they should take it. In four years things might change and they might not want to go or be able to go.


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