Your friend's enemies become your enemies. How does that work...and is that entirely fair?

Image for post **Your friend's enemies become your enemies.** //How does that work...and is that entirely fair?//
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It depends entirely on the situation. I am friends with many people that dislike or hate each other. Unless a person does something that creates harm or or distress to the other, they will still be my friend. I stay neutral on their fighting. I do the same way online as I do offline.


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So listen...if for some reason Carla became your enemy...you wouldn't expect me to give Carla a cold shoulder on your behalf...would you?

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That's what I figured. It's so awful and immature when that happens and apparently some ppl feel that friends should dislike your enemies, too.

If I have altercation with someone that is between me and them...of course...if I talk about it...maybe some of my dislike infects my friends...I dunno...but I would hope that they would keep an open mind.

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As long as friends don't go past the point where they lose their open mind...

They become my enemy if they give me a reason to be an enemy..

When it comes to other people, i'll use my own judgement on them, not the side of one persons story..

If my friend jumps off a cliff, i'm not going to jump off a cliff just because they're my friend...

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Sooo...what if your best friend a smilie on AM (whoever that lucky creature is) was enemies with another friend (B) on AM...

Would you be cool toward friend (B)?

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I dunno. You might really like your friend's enemy... what do you do then? Shun them?

Supposing Thinkerbell became Ser's enemy...so that means you'd have to hate Tink...but would that be fair for you and Tink?

you are here to have fun...so have fun and ignore the assholes

Not necessarily.But it makes life interesting!

Though anyone who says dont associate with X or I'll hate you forever is a bit off the level

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No one remembers that until after.

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See!! That's what happened to me, too. Is that fair? No it's not.

But why does that happen? (Rhetorical question meant for anyone)

Just because 1 friend has a problem with another friend, does not mean that I have to.

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