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I like Joe Rogan. Sorry...I could only listen for 4 minutes.

@Sukiesnow I like Joe Rogan. Sorry...I could only listen for 4 minutes.

The interview is almost 4 hours long, that's a little longer than most people can sit still for. It also takes a while to get interesting. That's why I posted that list of contents (not my work btw, it was from a YouTube comment). When I listened to it, I was working in the shop, so it was just kind of "what's on the radio." It's an interesting interview, they cover a lot of ground.

00:30 - Joe and Jamie DID IT
2:00 - Alex talking about the internet killing mainstream television
3:20 - Television cannot compete with a guy getting screwed by a horse
3:40 - The guy who got killed by the tiger / other guy who tried to convert a lion to christianity
6:00 - More fluff about the internet killing television
7:05 - Alex tells a bit on the method behind the Trump administration
8:20 - Alex said months prior to public indictment that Anthony Weiner was under investigation for child porn
10:15 - The meaning behind 'Pizzagate'. Contexts begins from 8:55
12:38 - Alex mentions Barney Frank in the 90s, to depict shadow government
14:20 - Jamie finds an email containing paedophilia related exchange
17:00 - Dennis Hastert & Jerry Sandusky are mentioned, both child molesters. Context from 13:29
18:00 - Joe makes Alex stop a point to explain how Hillary Clinton stole states (votes)
20:30 - "they're only rolling up the renfields, that get the people for the psychic vampires"
23:40 - Jerry Sandusky
24:20 - 'Walnuts'
26:00 - Alex thinks Andrew Breitbart was poisoned
31:00 - Alex talks about Megyn Kelly at Fox news editing his clips to tell different news. Calls her a tranny
36:30 - Joe - "she's so pretty"
39:00 - Alex thinks Barack Obama likes hot dogs
42:00 - Alex ends his rant warning the paedophiles, Joe asks him to say that he is not Bill Hicks.
49:00 - Joe and Alex talk about heroin and opium poppy production in Afghanistan since U.S. occupation / mention of U.S. troops guarding poppy fields
52:20 - Alex says the last James Bond villain was based on George Soros and his company
55:50 - Alex says he has figured out "the basis of what's happening", takes a break to piss
57:20 - Joe explains why people like Bill Burr and Alex Jones rant
1:00:00 - Alex returns with glasses
1:01:30 - First drink (whiskey)
1:07:15 - The Big Enchilada
1:09:00 - Alex explains / confesses to the reason he hyped Y2K propaganda
1:15:00 - Alex tells about his friend Raymond Teague who was going to divulge government secrets about a second space program. Context from 1:13:35
1:16:15 - Alex tells that there was a second moon mission
1:17:35 - Alex tells about what Buzz Aldrin told him on his show
1:19:35 - They listen to a C-SPAN clip of Buzz Aldrin talking about a monolith on the moon
1:20:40 - Alex tells what Buzz Aldrin told him
1:23:20 - Eddie says Stratospheric Aerosol Injections
1:25:00 - Alex brings up HARP
1:27:30 - What happened when Alex had the head of HARP on his program
1:29:00 - Alex tells what Ben Livingston, a fighter pilot, told him
1:37:40 - " Under US code title fifty chapter thirty-two subsection one thousand five hundred and twenty eight paragraph B.... "
1:40:00 - Alex finishes what he was telling about the second moon mission
1:45:00 - Alex tells Eddie how he knew the US document listing off-hand. Gets back to The Big Enchilada
1:46:00 - Alex pours his second drink
1:49:30 - Alex gives Joe the 'basic gestalt' of our reality
1:58:50 - End rant. Fuck clouds
2:09:10 - Alex tells Joe that it wasn't the Russians who leaked data re:2016 election
2:11:20 - Alex depicts the war against "the globalists"
2:15:00 - Joe has Alex confirm why he thinks Trump is a good person for the position
2:17:30 - Eddie tells about the documentary The Conspiracy Of Silence. Context from 2:16:00
2:19:00 - Third drink. Everyone forgets what they were talking about
2:21:30 - Alex talks about Obama being born in Kenya
2:24:00 - Alex tells that Obama's father is someone other than who is told / Obama's mother being CIA
2:29:08 - Joe asks Alex who 'The Elite' is. Context from 2:28:40
2:31:00 - When Alex snuck into Bohemian Grove
2:33:05 - J.F.K.'s speech about secrecy and secret societies
2:40:40 - Operation Northwoods
2:44:00 - Joe Kennedy / Alex tells that the U.S. had drones in WWII
2:46:55 - When Alex was at the RNC and Secret Service spoke to him to meet
2:49:50 - Alex speaks directly to Joe's audience
2:54:10 - Eddie vents a bit 3:00:35 - Alex defines globalism. Context from 2:59:35
3:03:30 - Joe reads out Trump's tax plan that favors the common man. Context from 3:02:15
3:04:19 - The new one-page form that says "I win"
3:07:00 - Alex getting slapped on the back of his head
3:08:40 - Alex asks Joe his opinion on the nature of consciousness
3:12:25 - Alex says they are discussing the same thing Zuckerberg and the elite are discussing. Fact.
3:13:00 - " Is a bear shittin in the woods a part of it? " / Joe has Alex talk about aliens / we are inter-dimensional beings
3:20:00 - Bill Clinton's speech about immigrants / deporting immigrants on welfare
3:21:53 - Eddie punches Alex a couple times. Context from 3:21:11
3:22:50 - Alex answers Eddie's question about Ronald Reagan
3:26:00 - Joe thinks Ronald Reagan was only as popular as either Stephen Dorff or Christian Slater
3:30:00 - Alex pours a fourth (?) drink
3:38:20 - Anderson Cooper being CIA
3:41:45 - The Lochness Monster mentioned
3:42:25 - Outro while Eddie punches Alex affectionately

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