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How can we stop talking about this president, when all he does is lie, puts his face in front of the camera all day long, is not doing his job, and acts like a jackass each and every day.

If people don't want to hear my comments, then they need to stop stalking my posts, even though they are blocked, and post some posts about other things, instead of griping about what others are doing.

I have yet to hear the trolls tell us one good thing the president has

That's not a good defense. That's just complaining about free speech. From now on anyone who tries to get me to stop talking against the president is gonna be met with me pasting the first amendment in my post.

@TomboyJanet That's not a good defense. That's just complaining about free speech. From now on anyone who tries to get me to...

i would never infringe on your free speech and the fact that I disagree with you dosn't make me a bigot or troll. The president has does many things he has rolled back crippling regulations. he has sign a bill to protect our veterans he has sign 2 bills promoting women in science. I could go on but what is the point you have already dicided that what ever he does is bad for America I do not agree with everything he does but but to all he has done is lie is a lie

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They seem to forget that Obama is no longer president, but he was a good president and they are trying their best to besmirch him, well it isn't working. It's a diversion tactic so they won't have to concentrate on the lying Trump.

I've been reading some of the supporters of Trump, and not one has said one thing that he has done for the good of the American people. All they do is spew more hate toward the government, guess they have forgotten that the government is now all Republicans, and still nothing is being done. As far as Trump goes, he is still blaming Obama for not doing something about Russia's interference in the election. Sure Obama probably could have done more, but Trump is president now and he's not done one thing to defend our democracy or say one bad thing about Putin.....but when you're in bed with Putin, it would be hard do anything about it.

I know I used the wrong "too" fuck

you know your desperate when you keep blaming someone for doing somethign even after it has been proven they haven't done it. if you democrats keep this up you will ensure a democrat does not win another election for a VERY long time, so please, keep this IDIOCY UP! we don;t want or need any more democrats destroying the country, so keep you batshite crazy behavior up democrats, you are doing america a huge favor, you will become so irrelevant, people won;t even know what a democrat party even is lol