At which point does exaggerating become lying?

Some exaggerating is not lying...

Image for post **At which point does exaggerating become lying?**
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As soon as the words leave your mouth

Exaggerating is lying. Could be a white lie though.

Politician speak comes to mind.

I have a million ways to cook chicken...no i dont.

Unless they specifically say it's an hyperbole, the moment something is altered, it's already a lie.

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A lie it's a lie only if it's a lie. If it's proved to be the true, then it's no longer a lie.

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What the fuck is this site anymore! Jesus Christ! Never mind then

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It really is becoming SH mark 2

Wow this is a interesting question. There are many variables like intent and perception.

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When there are so few similarties that it sounds like a different story

At the point that it isn't remotely true

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I only exaggerate 800% of the time I open my mouth. biggrin smilie

No matter how much you polish a lie...a lie is still a lie.

I will agree some are not exaggerations are not lies. Like when you go fishing and you say you caught a fish this big (12 inches) and it is really this big (6 inches) it ain't really a lie because maybe you just can't measure.


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