Could you be a vegetarian for a week?

It can take a lot of work being a shopping and washing and cutting up ALL those vegetables. And constantly thinking about interesting meals, and also trying not to eat too much cheese... One good way to eat well as a vegetarian is to have your own chef.

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Me, too. But for a bit longer.

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I was going thru a questioning phase anyway...I got sick and a craving for turkey... I walked for a mile to get a turkey sandwich and wolfed it down like I hadn't eaten a meal in days...

From there it was progression. I don't do baby animals...or caviar...all the PC stuff.


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Hmm. I still digest a Vegetarian pizza better than one piled with meat.

See my post pic? That's what I'm craving right now.

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I could live on linguini and pesto for a,week. No trouble.

Yea I don't think it would be too hard to pull off for a week. I'd be devouring a juicy burger on Day 8 though.

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I'll just eat nachos to survive the week. I'm sure I can find some form of "nacho cheese" that doesn't actually have any real cheese in it maniac smilie

Nope, and wouldn't try.

Easily. Indian food for a week.

Of course, anyone could. It's giving up ONE food group, for heaven's sake....

Of course. I used to make poor man's spagetti (meatless) all the time when I didn't have a paycheck coming in. Steak was the first thing I bought when I did get paid.

No, I'd want some meat... I might to take a day "No Meat Monday" or something... but I'd like some meat.

You see the meat, and want to eat her the meat wink smilie

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Sure, I don't eat a lot of meat anyway, although I'd have to put some thought into what I'd replace the meat with, to get the same zinc, iron etc... although it's only a week :)

With great difficulty, but I think I can live off potatoes and corn for a while :D

Nope...Unless bacon has now become a vegetable

A friend of mine tried hard to get me to do it. He decided to play the make me feel bad card and had me watch all these animal videos. I cried like a big baby for days and did toss out all my bacon...then I cried harder realizing I just threw all my bacon away because some guy told me too. cry smilie

The only veggies I managed to eat in those couple of days was some veggie flavored crackers. crs smilie

So not I would never ever be a vegetarian for love or money.


Nope..need grilled chicken in my salad..

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