FYI: This is an edited version of my post yesterday that was deemed somewhat harsh and was pulled. Our Senior Mod suggested this version would be more appropriate. What do you think? Some Trump supporters on here keep dissing all liberals, they seem to think they're the smartest people on the planet, seem to know how we were educated, what religion we are, what we did or did not do in our younger days, even what some have smoked or drank, lol... and how intolerant all liberals are, have nothing good to say about anyone, yet we aren't the ones trying to ban Muslims, build walls or trying to cut healthcare for the elderly...so my question is who are the intolerant ones here? It's definitely not liberals. Now they are wanting to cut Medicaid, what's next, Social Security and Medicare just so Trump can give the rich a large tax cut? These folks need to get their heads out of the sand and see what's really going on with the present administration

I wasn't happy with my post being pulled, because as far as I know, no rules were broken. But it was pulled, so I'm OK with it. This is a much shorter version, one that I hope doesn't get pulled or flagged for some odd reason.