Whenever I see the commercial from GEICO, (fire at will) it cracks me up. lol Do you have a commercial that you enjoy? Care to share?

Some commercials are very funny, I especially like the GEICO ad shown above. lol I laugh every time it's shown on TV. Post some of your favorites! lol

Pigeons Fire at Will - GEICOTake a closer look at this little league game and discover some pigeons discussing their next target. Subscribe to GEICO: http://on.gei.co/2kvNnOw Take a clo...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNflRZir-48
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lol I think he waited too long. lol


hahaha good one, I've never seen it before. Thanks for sharing.

Linnster beat me to it! :)

@JanHaskell Linnster beat me to it! :)

Great minds... that is a very funny commercial. lol

Gotta love Louie and Frank!!

<iframe frameborder="0" width="480" height="270" src="www.dailymotion.com/embed/video/xpd5mz" allowfullscreen></iframe><br /><a href="http:www.dailymotion.com/video/xpd5mz_banned-commercials-budweiser-frogs-your-mother-s-an-iguana_fun" target="_blank">Banned Commercials - Budweiser - Frogs - Your...</a> <i>by <a href="http://www.dailymotion.com/FallenKeith72&amp;quotrget="_blank">FallenKeith72</a></i>

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hahaha that's a great one too. lol I admire these writers that can come up with these funnies. lol

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It's not only funny, it's cute too. lol


OMG, what will they think up next.

I can't remember specific ones but I love any focus on babies and toddlers - their smiles keep mine going for very long minutes :D

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