Are you a college student caught smoking pot in his room by his mom and spanked bare bottomed by her in front of the other family members?

Two weeks ago I got caught smoking pot in my room by mom, so she took me downstairs where the other family members were watching television, told them what I have done and I deserved to be punished despite my age. I was a 22 years old college student still living at home and dependent financially of my parents. She put me over her knee in front of them all, pull my pants and undies down and blistered my bare backside with a thick strap. What a tanning she gave me! Possibly the worst one ever, although I got some other good ones even in my twenties, especially for lazing out, skipping classes or being caught wanking. I don't think that I have ever hollerd harder, yelled louder and kicked my my bare feet harder.