Now...let me understand...is unfollowing someone a way of promoting communication or a way of saying FOD?

Image for post **Now...let me understand...is //unfollowing// someone a way of promoting communication or a way of saying FOD?**
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Yes...that means you can't message each other...which does not promote communication...which then means someone has no recourse but to bring sensitive subjects up in forum. Too bad.

I don't see where it means anything. Does it affect notifications? I'm following about 120 people yet I only talk to or hear from about 30 people in any 1 week.

FOD: Fuck off & die.

@Sukiesnow FOD: Fuck off & die.

Oh! I thought it was just Fuck Off Dude. :)

No, I don't think it necessarily means what you said there. I suppose it could mean one no longer wants to get private messages from the person they unfollowed, if they have their privacy settings 'set' that way.

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@Sukiesnow But there could be loads of submeanings there. Including FOD.

Yes Sukie, I suppose there could be. I can say that it's never meant your version of "FOD" when I've unfollowed someone. "FO" a few times, perhaps. ;)

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Unfollowing someone means they can't PM you...so you can't communicate with them on sensitive issues; the only recourse then is to bring it up in forum.

You need to unfollow someone before they block you or you them...something like that. It's skewed.

"Unfollowing someone means they can't PM you...". Anyone can send me a message, because I didn't choose that restriction in the privacy settings.

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Maybe it is both, I think it depends on the user and their actual intentions. If I unfollow someone it is to block them even though I have blocked and forgot to unfollow.

Pretty sure when it happens to me it is more a FOD type of thing which is fine by me...my world is still gonna spin


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