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I'm not sure I understand what you're saying.

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It's not about inherited's more about shared unconscious thoughts.

@Sofia I'm not sure I understand what you're saying.

Good question and the reason why I explained it below. Rather than just copying it for you...can you read it and maybe say something about it...but only if you think something.

The CO is a very exciting theory...

Thank you.

Of course it helps to know what the Collective is.

Here is a story that illustrates it...although I don't remember exact details here goes:

It's about the 100th monkey. Or something like that. Years ago was one monkey in South America that started peeling a banana by ripping it apart like humans do. Then, quickly, Africa...a monkey picked that up from the Collective Unconscious and suddenly monkeys all OVER are doing it that new way.

You think you have an original idea? Suddenly your invention - that only you knew about - springs up at Home Depot...well...that is probably due to the Collective, which has only gotten better with the advent of the Internet.

Of course there are many more examples. Once you are tuned will find your own examples.