Is it proper for a parent to spank a 22 year old male college student still living at home?

I was one of these college students still spanked by one of his parents in his twenties and now I think it is totally in order for a parent to spank a 22 years old (either sex) if they are still living at home and don't obey their parents or respect the home rules. Today more twenty somethings are choosing to live with their parents. This has all the obvious benefits-full refrigerator of food, laundry magically washed, dried and returned as soon as it is placed in the basket,and no-or seriously reduced- rent or utility bills. In my sense, if young people want to carry on living at their parents rather than getting a place of their own, they should accept the consequences Not least of which is having to suffer a good hard paddling if they put a toe out of line. This is the way the things must be.