I am planning to go to the University of Missouri (if I get a NROTC Scholarship for 4-years or 2) and go through Naval ROTC. I am currently stuck on what warfare area I want to commit to. Surface Warfare or Aviation Warfare. The thought of flying excites me and I don't care what I fly as long as I fly. Seeing the ground bellow me going sub-sonic. Then there's Surface Warfare. Being on a ship and the smell inside is amazing in my opinion (I've been on plenty of naval vessels due to being in the sea cadets). Being on the bridge learning to drive the ship (not literally, officers just give the heading and direction. I know how things work). Looking in the night sky and hearing the waves, I bet that would be priceless to see and hear. My question is, and this is truly based on you guys opinion, should I go Surface Warfare or Aviation Warfare?

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Either one can be very rewarding, but if you plan to make it a career and want to hit the Admiral level, you have a better chance in the fleet. That's just the way the Navy works and there are a lot more positions available. Other than that, I wish you the best in whatever choice you make. Good luck and stay safe.

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A little strongly out, but not wrong. :)

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