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I agree. Wide parameters.

I do believe when a leader of a movement, someone who holds sway over others, calls for violent acts, that is different.

Charles manson comes to mind.

Politicians are so out of control that they now have instituted laws on what we are allowed to think. It all started with indoctrination......

Idiotic insanity.

Stupid idea. I hope this backfires and their tourism drops.

Why tourists don’t like Canada

Why? We're all - most of us - really careful about saying the right words...

I am a confused sexual harassment panda today.

We need this in the US. It's evil, and it puts the trans person in danger. It makes them a target.Trans people are murder and violence victims very often.

At first they just want to be left alone.
Then they want acceptance.
Next they want rights.
Pretty soon they demand public approval.
After that they force participation.

So if I call Bruce / Caitlyn Jenner - Bruce Jenner or 'he' in Canada, then I will be jailed, fined, and made to take anti-bias training?

And progressives are OK with that? Justin Trudeau is OK with that? She is an idiot.

I don't know what the subject is-No link that I can see. Isn't every thing male or female in french? easy to mix it up and who is it going to hurt? Not my business anyhow I live in USA

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