Should Donald be stopped from tweeting?

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I'm sure similar has happened. It's all about the country, you know.

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So you're saying let's let him hang himself? Clever...I like it.

Why should he have to stop?

When i read that his tweets are official statements to be archived in a library...well, it speaks to how degraded the white has become.

I reckon i say, why stop now? Maybe his creepily inappropriate self will finally be seen for what it is. His party might actually grow some.

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Where are you from in Europe?

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I always thought you were Asian.

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It must have been something you said. I don't usually have time to check profiles.

Where were you born?

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Welcome to Earth. So you were born in which part? I was born in Canada...there.

Oh you don't have to say...

No, let him hang himself tweet by tweet, his tweets are the downfall of this president. His true colors are coming out, tweet by tweet....and they are dark and evil.

Should everyone else be stopped from tweeting?

He's fine tweeting. With the media so far left and untrue in it's stories, why not let him go directly to the people. He is so much more interesting than anything on news today. They follow him, look how much free advertising he got while running for election!

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I never watch reality tv and half the country was ready to be rid of self serving politicians. We are worn out and broke from those "real" politicians and the quasi one who was really just a community organizer. Look how he blows his nose on the nation while yukking it up with the elites.
Why not give Trump a shot, he couldn't be worse than the last 8 years. The middle class needed some one to speak for them and that is why he got elected.

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Don't worry about lower class - they have the government begging to give them all the entitlements available - at the expense of middle class paychecks.
I well know how little the middle class gets, I used to be in the middle but after taxes, I'm slidin' toward poor in a real hurry. I pay so others don't have to. Real bummer.

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I may be but I am a hard working, tax paying moron. Yep, you're right I'm a moron for not getting on the government programs and sucking the other taxpayers dry. I'll take my freedom instead - I guess that's what you mean by moron.

Doesn't matter to me....

I've never made or read a tweet and most probably never will.....Carry on..

We haven't stopped any other idiot from tweeting so why make any I agree with what Trooper said


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Agree however I don't think he will ever abide by that sadly

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