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Yes, but I stubbornly hang onto my photo albums. My daughter still loves going through them with me.

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I still have lots of photo albums, and I still put more pictures in them. lol We all love going through them

It seems to me, but im a dinosaur, that film is permanent. I see a picture on my screen, it is forgotten in short order. But a photograph, printed on photo stock, held in my hand, stays with me.

I love our old photo albums. Filled with family and our individual and shared history.

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Probably, although many of us older folks still enjoy "thumbing" through our photo albums, and cherish them.

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Even now, I'm going through your picture album and remembering the good old days, when you were young.

Yes. Most of my present pics are now on my fridge door.

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sure has

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What is this "great joy" of which you speak? My mother had a dozen or so albums. Once I sat while she thumbed through one, pointing out every grandkid. Later, it occurred to me that there had been a young man standing silently in the room the whole time. It was one of the kids in the pictures. She never thought to introduce him!