Neighbors helping neighbors....when a neighbor helps another neighbor is just a simple thank you enough or do you reciprocate in some way, with either baked goods, or helping them in some way, etc?

We were doing some yard work, removing debris from a tree stump, a very time consuming and tough job, when a new neighbor came over with his shovel and rake and just started helping us. He cut the work in half. I plan to take him over some goodies, what would you do in this situation?
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That would be dependant on how big the favour was...but you don't want to get in the habit of always having to give them something. A gushing Thank you is usually enough.

Depending on who it is, I usually give a nice bottle of wine or a homemade treat of some kind along with my heartfelt thanks.

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Where we lived before we knew all our neighbors and if we were out in the yard they would just stop by and chat for awhile. But here we don't neighbor much. We know the neighbor to the left of us, he's very helpful, but his wife isn't friendly at all.

Whenever my husband is out in the yard, anyone walking down the sidewalk will stop and talk with a little while.

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Wow, you live in a very isolated place. We see people walking their dogs all the time, we don't know them or even where they live, but if we're outside, they will usually speak or wave. And someone is always running....

Depends on the person and the help. I usually pay in cash because who can't use that.

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