Not really a Question Just something I was looking at. I want to practice falling as if shot dead- just in case of a mass shooting.

I want to know how to look as if I have been shot dead - Just in case I end up in a mass shooting situation with no way out. If there is no escape, maybe I can play dead till the shots get noticed and police arrive. Then I found this--

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+++++Do people always fall down after being shot, as portrayed in TV and movies?
fall down after being shot"


But it can cause many situations that lead to a fall.

For the most part a bullet or most other small arms projectiles exert less energy on the target then a punch from a 150-lbs male. A lot less. Someone can be shot and not be moved at all. The difference is that it creates a hole in you, breaks or penetrates bone severs tendons, arteries, nerves and creates general havoc on your nervous system.

This leads to going into shock. When in shock you will lose balance and fall.

Also involved are involuntary reactions. Very loud noise, combined with searing pain, combined with the onset of shock, combined with being scared out of your mind. That combination with fight or flight reactions causes many to jump away from the cause so fast that it is not a coordinated jump... leading to a fall.