What's the meanest thing you've ever done?

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I bit a neighbor girl for stealing my chair when I was four. I've since refined my communication skills .... somewhat. a smilie

When I was 18 I told a guy who kept trying to be friends with me and my other two friends that he couldn't hang out with us because he acted too weird and we got in our car and drove away. Then a couple of days later he shot himself. I felt so bad, but he was probably just really depressed and lonely and also in hindsight I think he had mild Aspergers but I never understood any of this at the time. He looked like David Bowie too.

While trailing a neighbor kid on the handlebars of a bike, we were going pretty fast, I jumped off the bike, and that kid went flying through the air. He wasn't hurt, but he was sure mad.

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I've slapped someone.

Not shared my last Rolo.

Threw a pet hampster at my nana whow as so frightened of mice. That was mean and I don't know why i did it must have been 7or eight. Everyone lived in the end.

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