Does North Korea scare you? If you think Donald has matters at hand...think again.

Image for post **Does North Korea scare you?** //If you think Donald has matters at hand...think again.//
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I'm more afraid of Trump. He hasn't a clue about world matters, and he doesn't care....he thinks a few tough words will get these people to back down..... he actually believes his words mean something.

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He's harming the entire world....

North Korea don't worry me.Trumps possible reaction to them does.I posted a spoof piece about this in the other place.

N. Korea doesn't scare me personally. I do, however, worry about the people in S. Korea and Japan.

North Korea is more of a Disney movie lost in development hell, than it is a viable threat.

I'm no more worried about N Korea than I am any other nut case regimes out there. I'd say we have more to worry about from crazies associated with terrorist groups who are already here.
One thing the crazies and nut cases haven't had to worry about in recent times, is all out retaliation for any actions they may conduct against the US. Without the fear of retaliation, they have become emboldened to do what they have been doing.

Nope...nothing scares me anymore. I am just living one day at a time


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