The World would be a better place if-_____? Fill in the blank.

Be humourous or serious.

Image for post The World would be a better place if-_________? Fill in the blank.
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_bacon baguettes were free!

  • everyone conceded that I am right. :)

People were kinder to one another. And stopped being so mean spirited.

_if women ran it...

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Certainly would be worth a shot..

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We run our homes, might as well run the world too. hehe smiliehehe smilie

_gravity failed twice a week, instead of just once.

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.. the few people who owned most of the wealth shared it with those who own none of it.

If people were held accountable for their actions.

The world would be a better place if everyone forgot that there were other people and other countries in the world and still believed in magical locations to discover

Janet was ruler of all

  • if people weren't so proud.

I was president

It would be better for the person on the swing if AFV hadn't proved over and over that swinging out over a deep crevasse is a bad idea - very bad.

If all the crazy Liberals were moved to some island.

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