How do you deal with this heat?

Holy friggin crap is it hot in here, it turns out my new place which is on the first floor of an apartment building is VERY hot. I'm not kidding here, you'd go outside and you'd feel better. And it's a bit hard to fall asleep due to the heat, I often roll around in bed at least until 1-2 am

What's worse that the only windows that are in my bedroom face straight the balconies of other people and as the typical man in heat I walk around in underwear and if I don't lower the blinds I might as well leave a tip jar outside.
But the blinds being almost all the way down does have it's good sides, less sunlight means less heat.
I have an AC which is nice but it's an expensive delight that shows up on my power bill.

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Well I do live in a seaside city but I'm still in my month and a half of torture and suffering aka finals so I dont have much time, but I will take advantage of that after I'm done.

Freeze some plastic bottles of water.Hold on to them and you will be cool.They take ages to melt.

I turn on the AC.

Also Sunny, it's payback for not having a cold winter... It gets hot here,,,but not until August...and only for a few weeks. And then it generally cools down so that at night you might need a sweater.

@Sunny_the_skeptic Most nights I can't sleep because it's too hot

And it takes strong sleeping meds to overcome that.

Here's a tip on how to cool off...and it works...

Wear your undies and a can even wear pants if you like.
Take a shower with them on.
Dry off so you don't drip too much...but of course your clothes will be wet.
Walk around like will be cool...possibly even cold....

@Sunny_the_skeptic Sounds like too much work :D Id rather just turn on the AC and pay my bills :D

You take showers...right? So what's the diff...and you will feel refreshed...try it at least once...

Well, if it gets bad enough you will. Or you'd rather whine about it? :)

I stay close to the A/C. Hardly ever venture out unless I absolutely have to. Although it's not too hot out.

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Ours is coming and going, last week a couple mornings the furnace was running, and in the afternoon the A/C clicked on. Geez.

I enjoy the heat. But in my book, 80f is not hot. Last week it was only in the sixties.
When it does get hot, being in and around the water is my fix.

Sounds like a good day to go food shopping in the frozen section. :) Image in content

I just stay hydrated, and if I am not in an area where there is AC, I throw a wet hand towel over the top of my head and turn on a fan. Wroks like an evaporation cooler if you don't have high humidity.

@Sunny_the_skeptic That's smart because it's exactly how sweating works

I've used that technique when I've been deployed to the Middle East. These also work well and can be bought at many local sporting goods stores . (And they are cheap)

@Sunny_the_skeptic Wow you're a veteran? Must have been hot as hell in those deserts

Nothing like 135 degrees in the shade LOL. You just acclimate to it in a few weeks and figure out what you can and can't do in the extreme heat.

I get in out of it.

I feel if we had a couple of feet of snow.I would dive off my deck .Face first.I don't like summer.

If we had a few feet of snow,I would dive off face first.I do not like summer.

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