Have you ever had an allergic reaction? If yes, to what and how did you know?

56% Yes 38% No 0% I don't know 6% Other
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7 13

Codeine. It was really horrible, I had shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, sweating, and constipation, thought I was going to die.

@ZonkeyBalls I read "cocaine", twice.

Haha idk maybe i'd be better on that hehe smilie but most likely that stuff would give me a heart attack, i can't even handle coca cola

Codeine....severe headaches.

Sulpha...went into shock

@Carla Sulpha...went into shock Demerol.....hives

I'm allergic to any sulpur based drugs too. It wasn't too bad but I got the hives/rash thing and irritated digestive system. So no exploring active volcano's for us :)

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I thought you weren't gonna be lured to the Tiff land again.

Inconsistency makes me to sneeze.

I'm allergic to manual labor.

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This comment was deleted by its author.

No, I'm Tiffany in a gnome suit.

Sulphonamides gave me hives.

Did and still do..

If I eat mustard i'll get a rash on my arms..

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