Since we know Washington DC has a lot of input in Hollywood, but how much Hollywood is in DC?

What I'm asking is, how much of politics is scripted? Franklin D.Roosevelt once said "In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way."

So how much of what we see might be scripted? To keep us from seeing what's really going on? Not that there is, I'm just wondering what you think cuz I'm still trying to figure it out..

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I haven't noticed much influence from Hollywood in this administration or the last. What was very noticeable was in the Reagan administration. Reagan being a movie star before becoming president, all his friends in the movie industry were always welcomed at the White House. At every party there were scads of them in attendance And most of them had many divorces, druggies, etc, and they were all conservatives. But some like to blame the liberals.... no Hollywood influence in the Carter administration either. A liberal president as well.

With President Trump I believe not much is "scripted". He's constantly making off the cuff comments.

Many people have offered theories to explain Hollywood’s love affair with the Democratic Party, the most notable being Nobel Prize-winning economist Gary Becker of the University of Chicago. He argued that Hollywood tends to have non-traditional views on social mores — high divorce rates, children out of wedlock, high presence of gays, frequent abortions, frequent drug use, premarital sex, etc. — that are incompatible with conservative values.

How much AC is in Hollywood...

I feel whenever there is some kind of Hollywood scandal, to look closely at the White House. There is normally something going on. It's smoke and mirrors.

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