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The only dress rule that I was aware of blue jeans or tennis shoes. My attire was mostly business suits or slacks and jacket.

In the summer they used to send a special memo to remind ppl "No bike shorts allowed" smirk smilie

Then there are the unwritten rules. Nobody curses where I work.. ever. It's kind of freaky. h smilie

Tis worse when they say you must wear a skirt. I have never had a surprising work rull

That's why I ask lots of questions during interviews. It's nice to know before the first day of work whether or not I need to cover my tattoos, take out my nose ring, have my hair tied back, wear or avoid certain types of clothes, do my makeup a certain way, etc

I once had a job where only females were allowed to wear short pants.

There were times, in which the dress code at work was rather "stiff":

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