Square wheels would cut down on speeding. Amirite?

Image for post **Square wheels would cut down on speeding.** //Amirite?//
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Duh! lol

Balous avatar Balou Agree +6Reply

They would cut down on me ever driving again:[

Carlas avatar Carla Agree +5Reply

People would figure out a way to speed anyway.

I would either get a headache with all the ups and downs and the noise (because I doubt that has a nice sound), or throw up xD

Sofias avatar Sofia Agree +5Reply
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So, no speeding reduction, then?

Carlas avatar Carla Agree +3Reply

With bumpy square wheels everybody would just have to go so fast that the ride would even out to a nice vibration.

DrYess avatar DrYes Disagree +4Reply

I dunno about speeding, but I suspect there would be some people who try triangular wheels to get one less bump per revolution.

For the idiots with square tires..

That would have been nice for the moron that almost hit me the other day while I was out walking. Talk about life flashing before your eyes. They got the car stopped about six inches from my leg. My heart raced for almost 30 minutes.


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